Modified Recaro 3510A seats

Modified Recaro 3510A Aircraft Seats

Neotex aircraft interior equipment

Industrial Neotex S.A. offers shipsets of RECARO seats 3510A repaired, modified and in airworthiness contidion, given to its customer a turnkey product.

Neotex DOA EASA Part 21J performs the aircraft modifications where the modified shipset will be installed.

Neotex POA EASA Part 21G manufactures the new items (covers and cushions) issuing the EASA Form1 certificate for them as “New”.

Neotex MOA EASA Part 145 modifies the seats, installing the manufactured items, issuing the EASA Form1 certificate as “Modified”.

Customer always receives the seats shipset in conformity with the airworthiness requirements and its own aesthetic requirements.

Full shipsets:

  • A320 – 180 pax.
  • A321 – 219 & 220 pax.

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