Neotex aircraft interior equipment

All our products comply with Airbus and Boeing specifications.
We are manufacturing different kind of carpets by composition:

100% wool

100% Wool carpet, traditionally used on aircraft and still use as a luxury option. We are manufacturing carpets from 1.500 grams per square meter to very heavy ones for first class in loop, cut or mix pile.

100% Nylon

100% Nylon carpet, today airlines are asking for high performance carpets and only with Nylon or PA 6.6 we can get a long wear carpet. Our Nylon carpets are complying with Smoke emission and toxicity requirements from all aircraft manufactures. Our Nylon carpet has been qualified for B787.


LongLife Carpets, as a compromise between Nylon and wool we are manufacturing Mix carpets that get a wear resistance similar to the nylon ones and resilience properties as wool.

Neotex aircraft interior carpet