General conditions of purchase and subcontracting

General conditions of purchase and subcontracting

Neotex aircraft interior equipment

1) Neotex orders:

The processes, products and services supplied to Neotex must comply with the indications of each order and the documentation accompanying these orders, such as: delivery time, price and payment terms, specifications and/or drawings (including their identification and revision status), special process, product or service requirements, work instructions, inspection/verification and/or any other pertinent technical information, statistical techniques and related instructions for product acceptance, and identification of critical elements, including key characteristics, when applicable.

2) Fulfilment of the process, product or service:

All personnel involved must have adequate training. In the event that for the development of any process, product or service, personnel qualification is required for its validation, the records proving this qualification must be provided.

3) Deliveries to Neotex:

All deliveries must be duly identified and comply with the supplementary delivery requirements indicated in the order, such as: deliver the documentation of the materials, provide all the accurate and true information about the products, deliver certificates of conformity and include inspection and verification reports, when applicable. Delivery will not be completed until the requirements specified in each order have been met.

4) Commitments by the supplier:

The provider must:

  • maintain a quality management system
  • notify Neotex ( by e-mail of any deviation from the requested process, product or service and obtain Neotex’s approval for disposing of the non-compliant process, product or service
  • notify changes in the process, product and/or service, changes in suppliers, changes in the location of the manufacturing facilities and, when required, obtain Neotex’s approval again
  • derive the applicable requirements to the supply chain, including customer requirements, and maintain adequate control over its suppliers and subcontractors
  • keep the records received and generated by this order for 5 years, having to consult Neotex before their elimination
  • prevent the use of counterfeit parts and the use of hazardous substances identified in the REACH regulation or any applicable environmental regulation. Inform Neotex of any counterfeit part detected or dangerous substance used
  • to be aware of:
    • your contribution to the conformity of the product/service
    • your contribution to product safety
    • the importance of ethical behavior
    • its commitment to environmental care.

Neotex, its customer and regulatory authorities reserve the right of access to all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records.

The supplier undertakes to comply, during the development of what is ordered, with any regulations, provisions and legal or regulatory regulations in force, referring to Safety and Hygiene at Work, Human Rights and/or the Environment.

All notifications mentioned in these General Conditions must be made in writing, by email.